Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun needed, inquire within

It's usually a good thing when I'm too busy to stop and write during Abby's afternoon nap, so I'm not all the way sorry I didn't write the last few days. I wish I was doing something completely fun and exotic wit my time but Rich has been working seemingly non stop the last 12 days or so. So my daily to-do lists have just gotten long enough and demanding of me that I had no choice but to put aside fun things and tackle domestic necessities during Abby naps.

- Water plants

- Bake bread

- Go to dump

- Make dinner for guests coming over

- Do laundry

- Mow lawn again (it turns out I in fact did miss a few spots)

Actually that list looks really boring. I guess it was one of those things where I really could have made more time for me-things. Between Abby wakings, (sometimes fun, sometimes scream-y) I have been feeling really bogged down with no-fun things to do. Short-list conclusion: I need to have some fun! We're trying to plan a short trip for the three of us end of October, so hopefully Rich's work gives him the time off. Although here the rule of thumb seems to be time off only comes around once ever three months or so for these poor guys.
We had planned to get out and have a nice family day in the beautiful yellow and gold scenery, but you know who got called in to work, then I got stung by a bee, then my yummy dessert bread got ruined, then Abby screamed and whined for our not-so-nice walk and I'm back at square one, fun-less and mopy today!
Sometimes for fun I go online shopping but Rich isn't a big supporter of that past time. And sometimes for fun I do my night -time Abby's-in-bed yoga and it's been a few days so I really should revisit that tonight. Sometimes for fun I pester people back home with phone calls and that's a nice pick-me-up!
But I definitely am due for a nice dose of fun. I'll go looking for some, but if you get any ideas, do share!


  1. I need to start making bread...I LOOOVE bread. And man is it cheap to make. My mom has an old bread machine that is suppose to makes it way to me soon...that is my lazy excuse for not making bread. I plan to let the machine do all the mixing, kneading and rising. But then pop it in my oven, cause I prefer oven cooked to machine and the shape from a pan rather than the machine. I say I don't have time to make bread so I NEED the machine to help me out, but apparently you have the time hehee. Please tell me you use a machine???? ;)

    The worst part about phone calls back home is the time difference. I always want to call when it's like 8 or 9 pm here and Skyla is done for the night. I have no fun advice, I live in the big city and find myself bored on most days, we get groceries alot because it gets me out of the house and figuring out what to cook.

  2. I for sure use the machine. Input ingredients, press buttons, presto change-o bread!


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