Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Ban

I am declaring, here and now, that in the surrounding area of my person, there will henceforth be no more body bashing of te female variety. It's a fluid conversation so many women have and share, and when I stop to think about it, we're as much to blame. When we sit and commiserate about our bodies, are we not perpetuating the stereotype opf how they are "supposed" to look? By that I mean this, a snippet of conversation:
"You're looking great!"
"Thanks, it's just these jeans. I really am packing an extra few punds I need to get rid of."
"Oh, I know. Isn't it annoying? And so hard. Well, we better just eat salads for lunch."
Here's what I hate about this typical exchange: a few extra pounds up or down and any woman will still look as beautiful as she does uttering those words. A number is a measurement and not a reflection of your worth. And why can't we just take a compliment and use it as fuel to celebrate how healthy we're living? Or acknowledge how good it is to feel appreciated for the hard work we do put into our health and physical fitness?
And this whole eat healthy bit: There's eating healthy and there's denying, "cleansing", dieting and filling plates according to what we think we can handle before we gain weight.
I enjoy food. Call me an isolated housewife, but a big thrill in my day is meal preparation and food shopping. I really love pairing foods, textures, spices, recipes. Food makes my belly sing, my body function and my smile grow. Food feeds my body and, in turn, my baby's growing body.
I admit, I have towed the line and participated in these conversations, as easily as ones about the weather. It's easy, because I wanted to feel included in the conversation, and it was comforting to know that other women felt the same way I, at times, do about my own body. But afterwards, I kick myself.
No more, I vow today. No more commiserrating. It is comforting to share in another's body woes, but it is empowering to celebrate our bodies the way they are, n'est pas?
I feel much better being your ceerleading, praising your accomplishments and your health than your guilty ally, justifying the foregoing of dessert. (A sin!)
I am proud of my shape. It is a culmination of exercise, genetics and healthy eating. I eat to satisfy hunger, not to meet a measurment. I encourage all to do the same and feel no guilt!

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