Friday, August 28, 2009

Overture, Like a Windy Day

Lucky little Abby woke up to a windy day today. Those days, there is an almost electric excitement in the air. The landscape is ready to provide a continuous performance for little Abby's eyes and ears. We like to play like the windy day, so we set out in her stroller wearing light and breathy clothing so we too could be a part of the windy magic, feeling it blow through our cotton shirts and brush our skin. We felt it fly through our hair, caressing our temples and the napes of of our necks.
I made sure to steer us as far to the side of the road as we could. This gave Abby a front row seat to the dancing trees, plants, fox tails and weeds. With the wind gusts breathing in and out, the leaves picked up speed and then relented, flickering on the branches they still call home. The autumn season is setting in, and so each leaf dances what could be its last. They are beginning to change colour, crinkle and dry out. Today, this made for an earful of crisp music as the wind blew drying leaf against neighbour, producing a higher swish of sound, of tree music.
After the wind makes its gust trough the tree branches, its little leaves continue to shiver, giving Abby a visual feast. She kicked her little legs and exhaled soft little songs to contribute her piece to the music.
We walked down to the river, where the shallow, thirsty shore lapped up the moving body. The gurgle of the Pelly trickled over rounded rocks, adding a crescendo to the sound, and a tranquil scene as we rounded the road to turn back.
In through the paths, framed on both sides by tall dancing weeds, their friction building a sound like crashing waves. Over the gravel bumps, occasionally pushing a branch or a weed out from eye level, we climbed the hill back towards our house, the orchestra at our backs.

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