Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I think I am out of control, and the looming darkness and hibernation of winter will only make things worse. Mail day is no longer a mere thrill, but a covert operation to cleverly hide parcels from the boss (Rich), or be all non-chalant about them, acting as though they are normal mail. Boredom begets compulsion and oftentimes, the cure to boredom is not innocent curiosity but thrift. And desire. Presto-change-o, and the quick entry of my Visa card onto a website and bam! I have purchased something.
My name is Sarah and I am an online shopping aholic.
There is a favourites tab beside my web pages with free shipping online sites, kitschy baby product sites, cool kitchen wares to come back to sites. All things dangerous for a socially-deprived woman whose sole companion during Abby's nap time is, more often than not, the green lap top on the dining room table. Don't get me wrong, it IS fun to get letters from home, post cards and neat packages in the mail. And the quick thrill of opening a box from some warehouse containing a baby bib, a set of soap, fridge magnets, or a nightie is really fun. And I always find a "good deal", so it is more justifiable than impulse buys or window shopping at a mall. Right?
But I realize I need to cut back when my inbox is disproportionately full of Canada Post ship notification emails than of actual personal correspondence.
We just came back from Whitehorse, and even when I try really hard to think about it, there's no list of things to buy in the immediate future. I think I'm due for an online shopping cutback. I can do that.
Unfortunately, there is a Cabela's Fall 2009 catalogue on my kitchen table....

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