Monday, August 24, 2009

New blood

No, this isn't a post about the rising popularity of vampire teen literature. Don't even get me started.
Instead, I am awakened with the possibility of new blood in the Ross River demographic that the dawn of a new school year brings. The high turnover rate yields new faces more often than I'm used to. I am used to being that new blood. A mountie's wife's job of moving is never done, it seems to me. And now I am on year two of a rotation here, privileged to bearing witness to a new immigration of faces.
I sit on the other side of the rotation. I wonder if they are as phased by the town as I was last Spring. Will you too go home after a few days at school wondering where you are? Why did a kid mistakenly call you mom and then throw her eyes down and make fun of you to cover up her mistake and secret? Will your past experiences in other schools prepare you to be called racist bigots? Or will the feeling of being a minority for the first time play with your head like it did mine? Some days I was sent home from school with more than a head ache.
Over time, I got my eyes used to seeing kindergarten kids arrive in their daddies' over-sized T-shirts, and haircuts that needed attention months ago. I can't say I ever got used to how for the fifth time in one school year, one of the resource kids needs to re-learn ow to spell 'hockey.'
I stopped working at the school when the job of bending down to work with grade ones and twos became near physically impossible behind my belly. And the town's lack of reliable, responsible daycare means I am going to be a stay at home mom to Abby. (Though that was a decision I would have taken any way we could afford. We're lucky that we can).
So while everyone else heads to Staples in Whitehorse to stock up on school supplies, I am carefree. I am relived, honestly, to know I don't have to go back and see what I don't want to see.
"I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way," --Jewel
That said, I am personally excited and a little curious about our new teachers. I hope they will enjoy their decision to come here to teach and that I can perhaps expand my repertoire of good tea partners in town.

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