Thursday, August 27, 2009


Up here, wayyyy up, I have learned so far to derive great amusement and pleasure from simple things. Things that started as an item on a shopping list, anticipated for weeks before a shopping trip into Whitehorse or Outside the territory (up here, Outside is capitalized. Look it up!) Or mailed in from the big wide world. Things that otherwise would be something impulse-bought at the grocery store or that caught my eye in a store window on my walk from the bus stop to my next scheduled appointment.
In Yukon time, all things are slowed, and a schedule holds tentative ideas or to-do lists that vaguely adhere to some time code.
Time is taken to savour things, almost as second nature to me now. Meals aren't rushed (unless a temperamental baby requires it), books are read with thirst and a slow satisfaction for the words.
So here is my compiled list of current daily favourites, taken slowly, with great relish and excitement. When you call today and ask what I've been doing, they may not make my list, but they are the substance of my day:
1) Decaffeinated chai latte syrup from Starbucks, mixed with my organic milk in a mug, heated in the microwave so I can pretend a barrista made it for me. On goes the jazz station on Sirius.
2) Hour-plus yoga sessions in the basement (after Abby's in bed), and chocolate-scented candles that act as my focal point for the tough balancing poses. No clocks down there to measure time, just a breath-by-breath workout through the poses until the man on the DVD says I'm done.
3) Nursing Abby to sleep for a nap or for bed, taking however long her little lips suckle for, making sure she has been easily and comfortably aided into dreamland where God takes over and mommy passes her off for the evening.
4) Breakfasts during Abby's morning nap, when I can expertly whisk my scrambled eggs, fry my bacon or sausages to a golden crisp, sip on a perfectly steeped cup of tea and catch up on what happened in the rest of the world while I slept.
5) Delaying bedtime after I promised myself I'd get to bed earlier tonight, so that I can giggle and discuss things and marvel over Rich.

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