Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learn more.

We're only a couple years in, on this lifetime of being a mobile Mountie family, and already I am so sick of hearing people pretend they understand everything about cops. Like it's all black and white, literally and figuratively. Because you get a ticket and it is so unfair, you totally understand why people hate the police. You "get it." Fuck the police? I say, use smarter words and educate yourself you fool.
I don't understand "everything" about cops, let it be clear. But do you? Do you know that, when their shift ends, they take off the uniform and go home? That all shift they are trying to get to quitting time safely? When they walk up to your car on a traffic stop, they don't know if that's a gun you're passing around in the car or a cell phone. They don't know if you're a deranged cop-hating killer. So they approach your car at the ready, with their guard up. That's what they are trained to do. It is not a cop's fault you were speeding, or driving without insurance. That's your fault. If you want to be a sore loser and say the cop was a dick, or the cop was unfair, then you have a lesson or two to learn about being a man, owning up to your own faults. Pay the ticket and move on.
Have you been stopped a disproportionate number of times and you "know" it's because you're black? Well maybe it's not that all cops have it out for you because they are racist bigots. Maybe you are flagged. Maybe you keep making bonehead decisions and associating with boneheaded people.
Were the police aggressive towards you when you resisted arrest? Did they hurt you? Is that their fault or did you bring that one on yourself?
Testosterone's a dangerous thing, tough guy.
Their job is to keep communities safe. Not you, communities. Their job is to make it to the end of the shift safe. If they seem emotionally unattached, like dick heads, unfair, then answer me this: Do you have the courage it takes to walk out the door to a job every morning that involves dealing with violent criminals? What kind of person would you be when you saw neglectful parents and abused kids as part of your daily work? How satisfied would you be in your line of work when every time you cleaned up a mess, another was made somewhere else? What about ten messes? I know some mighty fine police officers for whom this is their reality and yet, in spite of it all, they are top notch people. They are good, moral people that have beers at Sunday barbecues with their kids. They are hard-working people who drive the same streets you do.
There are some police officers who are not good people. There are cops who mislay charges, who treat people poorly. I don't paint them all with the same glorious brush. But there needs to be some give on the oter end of the line.
Maybe it gets you some sympathy with your fellow tough guy friends who have also been "unfairly targeted" by the cops to shove your middle fingers to a cop's turned back and say Fuck the Police. Real tough. Get an education, and I don't mean in books.

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  1. Great post Sarah. I read some blogs in the last couple of weeks that were trashing the RCMP pretty bad and I found them upsetting to read!


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