Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the Bag

While away at the beach, I was eternally grateful for what my Aunt dubbed my Marry Poppins bag: a diaper bag so packed full off odds and ends it seemed like an optical illusion to have all come from the inside of one shoulder-strapped bag.
We bought a new one in Ottawa because our original Sears purchase was falling apart after a mere two months of use. Ugh! Anger! I didn't spend much on it, granted, because I was in the middle of a baby purchase firestorm and thought I would be a sucker for buying a designer baby bag because hello!, that is so unnecessary. But, I live and I learned. It was a tough sell to convince Rich to hop on board the purchase of a luxury diaper bag. After all, it is a little girly. And he does end up shouldering it from time to time. I bargained that never again would he have to carry it if I could pretty please just buy it. "Look!" I proclaimed. "Really strong straps! And a change mat! And a place for my water bottle!"
So we walked out of Fab Baby Gear in the Glebe with a new diaper bag. I immediately purged el crapola Sears grey model and compartmentalized our lives into the giraffe sac.
Today, this is what I carry around in my life-sized Mary Poppins sac du jour when cavorting about with my equally chic best buddy:
-Diapers, obviously, about three
-Scented diaper throwout bags (that also double as Skylar poop scoop bags when required by area bylaws!)
-Backup outfit
-Extra baby socks
-Diaper cream
-Immunizations forms
-Strawberry lip balm
-Crabtree lavender hand cream
- D drops
- sunglasses (for moi and her)
- truck keys
- pink aluminum water bottle
- sippy cup
- take-along food bowl with baby food
- trail mix
- change mat
- Abby's sun hat
And thus is my life on the go as can fit in my swanky diaper bag that I love.

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