Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall cleaning

The layer of moist condensation on our front porch door and truck windshield in the mornings are a quiet reminder that colder times are right around the bend. We ad a good run of summer, and even a heat wave or two to pack in a real punch. In the Yukon, it's always a summer worth celebrating when you are able to say you wore shorts at one point or another. So to say we were in bikinis at the river is a true fait d'accompli for the season.
The autumnal equinox isn't for another month, but the leaves here can't be stopped from changing yellow. The chipmunks are busy scurrying about collecting food stores, the bears are fattening up before the big sleep, and as a mother I remind Abby to put her sweater and toque on before she goes outside to play in the evenings.
The oncoming frosty weather and darker days also remind me that in a few months' time, I will be largely relegated to activities within the home. We have a lovely rancher style home with room enough for all of us, and I count myself lucky for it. That said, part of its appeal is being well-kept and, kudos to me, organized when the winter months settle in. Suddenly this morning, I found myself with broom in hand, ready to embark on a rigorous fall cleaning spree in anticipation of a cold time when the house's cleanliness and organization will be much appreciated.
I cleaned out the front hallway, swapping sandals and sun hats for parkas and boots. I purged the corners and dark hidden hiding spots of orphan mittens and tattered scarves, finding them their proper places. I hung our new goose down winter warmies, my scuba gear and a Sense jersey in the office closet. I moved the suitcases and the shoe pile into the storage space beneath the stairs in the basement.
I swept the front step, beat the carpets, cleaned the windows, swept and mopped the floors, kissed and hugged my daughter, remembered to eat lunch and have even set out to make rocky road squares in celebration of Skylar's second birthday. (Though really, any excuse will do)
I ensured Abby had a solid supply of warm winter gear, and tried it on her to make sure her little limbs weren't too big (she wasn't a fan of this part).
Now, once we receive our fancy new vaccuum in the mail sometime soon, I can wage war on Skylar hair, dust bunnies and any other pesky allergens floating around the house and nestled deep in our carpets before the winter cold sets in. Then, this mama bear will be ready to hibernate with her cub.

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