Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Are What You Eat

The nurses in town have an odd history of making appointments for me and then telling me about them a few days before. When the doctor comes to town, when I needed blood work done, and now that I am a nursing mama, they thought I might want to consult with a dietitian. Yesterday I had that appointment in the nursing station telehealth room with a nice lady in Whitehorse (via this suped-up webcam thing). She asked why I made the appointment and rather than explaining the wacky dynamics of appointment-booking here in Ross River, I told her it may help me figure out how much food is enough and what I should be eating now that I am nursing. The lady was very helpful, actually, and affirmed some things I knew (fruits good, juice bad) and enlightened me to things I didn't (eggs in morning good, granola bars bad).
She gave me a few tips to play around with, with the hypothesis being that if I ate certain things at different times of the day, I would have the energy to take me through the day and potentially those nights with many wakings and draining feedings.
It helped bring me back to a corner of my mind that knows, logically, what I need to put in to my body if what I want to get out of it is a good milk supply, and the energy to go for walks, do yoga and roll around on the floor with Abby. Of course, with theory and practice, all things mama-related are different. I know what a good breakfast is but sometimes the little lady just doesn't want to be put down. Then it's a matter of what I can assemble with a baby on my hip (fave: oatmeal and O.J.). And lunchtime sometimes doesn't happen until she's down for her 2:00 nap. In between 7:00 a.m. wake up call and then, it's a muffin here, granola bar there, and maybe some carrots dipped in hummus.
So now I'm on a go-me mission to eat better, make my food count. Out with a reliance on refined sugars (the diet proved it's not so hard!), in with the proteins in the morning, in with the pre-made meals, and keep up the good work on the balanced dinners made while baby Abby hops in her Jolly Jumper.

Day #1:
Breakfast: oatmeal-flax-raisin muffin, vitamins. Then, when she napped an hour later: scrambled egg, whole grain toast with PB and J.
Snack: Strawberry-banana-yogurt-blueberry-berry juice smoothie.
Lunch: Whole grain pasta salad with tomatoes, basil and feta.
Snack: Granola bar, small plate of nachos!
Dinner: I think I'll make a breaded turkey breast baked with sweet potatoes and I have to use up my bell peppers so maybe I'll grill them.
See? Doesn't that sound yummy? I think so! Now, to continue sipping on insane amounts of water in this crazy Yukon heat wave...

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