Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sugar Free

Before returning to the Yukon from Ontario, Rich and I decided to join our meagre will power levels and go on a one-week sugar-free diet in Ross River. We thought it would be a helpful way to begin losing the weight *some* of us accumulated in Ottawa, gouging on delicious foods prepared in restaurants and on street stands. These amenities, of course, are not available in Ross River or even Whitehorse in some cases. We happily indulged in take out pizza, frozen treats, fatty abominations too delicious to pass up, and the occasional sip of vino.
To prepare, we stocked up on many sugar-free options of our usual staples to ensure we would not be starving ourselves on bananas and water. Whenever we buy groceries in Whitehorse, we have to plan in advance and buy enough food to last four to six weeks between trips into town. When you live four and a half hours away, you don't want to spend beautiful summer days in the Yukon driving with a screamy, bored baby in the back seat.
To clarify, we have not gone off the deep end and banned all forms of sugar, just the refined kind. I don't even want to think of how a breastfeeding mother could live without the glucose-y goodness of grapes and summer berries. And, we allow ourselves but one cheat a day. Mine is a small glass of chocolate milk. His is a teaspoon of Coffeemate sweetener in his morning coffee.
We are on day three and so far, so good. We have found that sugar-free peanut butter tastes like cardboard, but sugar-free jam is not bad. We have found that maple syrup and honey are wonderful sweeteners without refined sugar, so we do what we can with those. (Yesterday morning's whole wheat sugar-free pancakes with strawberries and syrup was wonderful!) We typically make our own bread, so we have been replacing sugar with honey and can't tell the difference.
It's hard, tough, to be hungry and open my cupboards and somehow look past the granola bars and cookies on the shelf. And to avoid juice when the temperature sits around 25 degrees? Difficult. But it's just a week. I'll let you know if we lose any weight or if my lovely post-pregnancy muffin top decides to pack its bags and leave.

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