Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My back

"My aching back!" No one will feel sorry for me, but I really want you to. Carrying Abby around all day is HARD! My back hurts! I used to be all about posture, alignment, core strength. Now I'm all lopsided, sore, stiff and complain-y. She is a good 16 and a half pounds. She is just reeling from some vaccinations and teething. She is clingy and sometimes, only mama's arms can hold her and make her feel all better. Which I love to do, that is such a feeling of privilege. BUT at the end of the day when I lie flat on my back to go to sleep, I can feel all the spinal discs that need popping, the muscles tat need a good soak and a rub.
In a perfect world, I would hand Abby off to one of her grandmothers for an hour and a half, go get an intense massage (or series of them in my case) and come home ready to take on the world in re-alignment. In Ross River, I can settle for crummy baths in rental housing bathtubs that only fill up to about the level of my belly button, rubbing the sore spots on my back up against doorknobs and yoga.
I've got a pretty good and varied cache of yoga DVDs in my basement. Some quickie night-time ones for when I'm too tired, some sweaty hour-long power sessions, some geared at burning calories (which I think is totally counter yoga-culture, but that's another debate) and some flow. So, for the last week, I've put Abby to bed at 8 p.m., slipped on some shorts or capris that have some give in them, left the baby monitor with pops and headed to the basement for some yoga. It's just more productive than complaining to myself or poor Rich.*
So far, no notable results in the do-it-yourself chiropractic cure department. I am more conscious, I guess, when I pick Abby up from the ground to do so with a flat back. I am all about the squat and not the lean-over. But it'll take some time for this old girl to get her back up to par. Or someone to carry the baby around for me. But, given the slightly alcoholic demographic of this town, that is not likely to happen.
So I am publicly resolving to do some yoga EVERY DAY (there! it's in writing!) in the hopes of salvaging my poor, aching back.

* Now, I would ask him for a good back massage but the dude is terrible. Whether he genuinely tries to do a good job and sucks or whether he purposefully does a lame job hoping I won't ask again, I cannot determine.

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  1. Okay, my tank of a baby is catching up to Abby fast! He is already 15lbs. Crazy!


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