Monday, July 20, 2009

A mother's wisdom

When we were home in Ottawa, I was lucky enough to be spoiled rotten for my very first Mothers' Day with a few little trips to the spa. It was hard, at first, to break the invisible tether between Abby and I. But after my first solo haircut, I was hooked and pleased as a pickle to leave Abby behind with her many adoring fans once in awhile.
I went for a pedicure first, and reluctantly accepted tea, magazines, chair adjustments before the soak and massage began. It is hard to accept pampering when one is out of practice! I got to talking with my esthetician about how it was a mother's day gift and she politely asked all kinds of questions about Abby that I was thrilled to answer. Mamas take solicited brag opportunities where they can!
I asked her, in return how old her children are. I was prepared with my follow-up question of, "where do you take them swimming around here?", when she answered they were 19 and 24. I was astounded! This beautiful, olive-skinned woman looked like a replica of Jennifer Esposito.
"No way, you do not look old enough to have children that age!"
She blushed and tried to hide a proud smirk as she continued buffing and rubbing. I paused to think about this, and I think she did too. Then I asked her, "Will you tell me how you do it? What is your secret? I would love to like as good as you wen I am at your age."
She thought about this and answered, pointedly and in list form:
- Drink lots of water
- Exfoliate weekly
- Get rest
- Moisturize face and neck daily
This sounded easy. And so, I have been trying to be very cognizant of doing these things. Sleeplessness is a job hazard for me, but the older Abby gets, the more attainable this seems to be. I drink tons of water, as this arid northern climate just wreaks havoc on my skin. Even in the middle of July, my skin would be a sandpapery, cracked mess if I didn't moisturize after a shower. I exfoliate the dry stuff once a week. We'll see how this goes. I also try to eat lots of blueberries, nuts and water-retaining fruits and vegetables. I feel better, and, maybe it's my imagination, but I think I can see it in my skin too.
Also, the lady talked me into buying a $50 moisturizer on the way out, the one she swears by that just happens to be sold exclusively by the spa. So far so good, but it needs to stand the ultimate test of dry air recirculated in my house during winter and 50 below.

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