Friday, July 17, 2009

It's War

This afternoon during Abby's nap, I had a list of to-do's I hoped to accomplish:
- Bake bread
- Marinate moose steaks for dinner
- Assemble sweet potato-apple casserole
-Call my friend Kirsten
- Call A1 about our botched food delivery
- Gather kindling and build a wood teepee for tonight's front-yard bonfire
Abby usually naps in the afternoon for 1.5-three hours. Yesterday she did the same thing, and I listened to her whine for about five minutes before she settled and slept for another hour. One point mom. This morning, after a great night with only one wake-up for a feed, she stirred about six. Too early for me. I let her whine and go in and out of sleep until seven when I agreed to get up. One point mom, two points up.
She didn't nap well this morning as her teeth were bugging her and her second nap was interrupted by a huge fart that scared her awake. So when she started to stir and make whiney noises after 45 minutes this afternoon, I let her whine. Then the whine was a cry. Five minutes later, quiet. I did a little victory dance and continued on with my list (I am completely A-type). Then, the cry was back, and would not relent. So I went into her dark room (thank to tinfoil, a big garbage bag and some blinds!), picked her up, kissed her little head and fed her a bit. One point Abby.
After returning to the kitchen, Abby made little noises as she nodded off again that Rich and I heard from the monitor. Time to call Kirsten.
"Thank goodness," I said.
"Jeez, you two, it's like psychological mother-daughter warfare," noted Rich.
In that case, it's on. Sleep is on the line and I'll fight until the bitter end. Or until the crying and whining breaks my heart, one of the two.

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