Friday, July 31, 2009

Heat Wave

It is too hot... have a cup of tea cook anything inside the oven go for a walk read outside on the porch wear anything with sleeves, even partial sleeves leave my hair down forget deodorant for more than five minutes go back to the post office on foot after realizing I forgot the keys leave the blinds open own only one fan (that is graciously left in Abby's room during her naps and at night) sleep in the same bed as anyone else, animals included (Rich gets too cool linens in the basement, slightly less hot) sit any longer in front of this computer


  1. Can't believe how hot it is there! Just wait until January and you'll be wishin' these hot days back.

  2. yes to all of those, but here in Vancouver! That's awesome its that warm up north. I try not to complain, but its tough with a wee one attached to me hahaa.


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