Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Close encounters of the book kind

A little late in the year, I admit, but I have joined an online book challenge to read 25 books in 2009. I wanted to join a book club, but this is not the town to join nor start one, as most are illiterate, or at least unwilling to get involved in anything run by the white cop's wife. I really enjoy thinking about what I'm reading, and that often means stopping, underlining, rereading and leaving nuggets to float around my mind for awhile, usually to be revisited that night as I wander into sleep. I like questioning a book's themes and characters' motives. I like finding patterns I can apply to my life. That said, I also enjoy a pure chick lit read once in awhile.
I have leisurely made my way through a few books since the calendar switched over to January 2009, and I count these towards my goal.
They are:
1) The Birth House- Ami McKay
2) Remember Me?- Sophie Kinsella
3) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle -David Wroblewski
4) Twilight -Stephenie Meyer
5) I'd Trade my Husband for a Housekeeper- Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile
6) The Yummy Mummy Manifesto- Anna Johnson
And now I'm rounding the corner on Te Book of Negroes by Canadian (woohoo!) Lawrence Hill.

And these are the books on my "To Order on Amazon" list:
1) The Hour I First Believed -Wally Lamb
2) The Northern Clemency -Phillip Hensher
3) Into Thin Air -Jon Krakauer
4) A Long Way Gone -Ishmael Beah
5) Little Earthquakes -Jennifer Weiner
6) The Shack -W.P. Young
7) My Sister's Keeper- Jodi Picoult
8) The Next Thing on my List- Jill Smolinski
9) The Mommy Chronicles- S. Ellington and S. Triplett
10) History of Love- Nicole Krauss
11) End of the Alphabet- C.S. Richardson
12) Multiple Bles8ings- Kate Gosselin
13) Stolen Innocence- Elissa Wall
14) The Alchemist- Paolo Coelho
15) Wile My Sister Sleeps- B. Delinsky
16) Eleanor Rigby- Douglas Coupland
17) Girls in Trucks- Katie Crouch
18) Marathon Woman- Katerine Switzer
19) Tess of the D'Ubervilles- Thomas Hardy
I know the total works out to more than 25, don't hassel my grade school math teachers. Thoughts on my list? I may review them informally on here because I'm the boss and I can do so if I please.

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  1. Just blog hopping and have been enjoying reading your posts in random order. I can relate to a lot of what you write as I have 2 little squirts myself and am a SAHM. To boot, I lived in the Yukon for a few years (Beaver Creek and Whitehorse) so I know what you are talking about with the communities :)

    Anyway, just wanted to add a book to this list for you if you haven't already read it (this post is pretty old but oh well, pretend I'm on Yukon time!). "It sucked and then I cried" by Heather Armstrong ( Very funny stuff.


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