Friday, July 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Once upon a time, I used to be really good at updating my blog. When I worked for the federal government, I used to schedule my blog updates into my lackadaisical mornings, somewhere between checking People and fetching my morning tea. Those updates were daily, and were very useful in getting my creative juices flowing. I become more observant, more thankful, and more balanced, as the writer in me was pleased. Then I graduated university, moved up North, and started a family. Some time after the third trimester of pregnancy and the initial stages of being a new mother, I put writing way down on my priority list, way beneath eating, showering, sleeping and nursing a new little life. Now that I have shaken the cobwebs from my rusty baby brain, and can confidently leave the little one on her play mat to discover her world independently (for brief bursts!) I am ready to revisit the writing side of my life. It makes me feel like me. So rather than continue the blog that was born from a career-driven twentysomething finding beauty in humour in the urban dwellings of Ottawa, I thought it more fitting to start from scratch. Welcome, peruse, enjoy. And I promise, more to myself than to you, that I will try to be really really good at updating this.

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